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 Pinoy-Gamers Warteam

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PostSubject: Pinoy-Gamers Warteam   Thu Apr 08, 2010 10:01 am

Hey guys,
When I was ex-admin I suggested to Devil-Boy about a war team, Unfortunately i can't play because I will have a ping like an elephant. So I will manage use all if that is ok. I will pay for your warserver and a vent/Teamspeak, What ever you want to have.

Unfortunately me and DB will only get gamepanel and I will not give the Gamepanel away, Even if you are a member or something, i still cant give it to you because i get into trouble, you can muck around with the things.

I just need to confirm with DB that we are still doing this, As an added bonus to this, I might pay to get
I just need to see how things go,

Please tell me your opinions and i will get back to you, But i need some questions from you.

1) Would you want a server from US or a server half way between UK and USA?

2) Would you think I should buy afew servers?

3) Do you think I should help PG?

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Pinoy-Gamers Warteam
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