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PostSubject: MUST READ! RULES!   Fri Apr 09, 2010 3:35 am

Please read the rules before creating posts or threads on the forum.

General terms for the use of the PG forum.

1.) Posting
2.) Account
3.) Private Messages
4.) Signatures and Avatars

1.) Posting:

1. The forums main languages are English and Tagalog, but as long as the other users you are talking to can understand you, any language will work.

2. Double posting is not allowed. Use the edit function to add new information. (We realize you may accidentally post the same thing twice and urge you to just delete the accidental post.)

3. Bumping should only be used if a thread has no reply for more than 2 weeks.

4. Making threads or posting answers with racist, threatening, insulting, abusing, sexual, ethnicity messages is strictly prohibited.

5. Revealing of any personal user data and insulting or abusing personal information is not allowed. Try to be nice to each other.

6. Spamming is also forbidden with the exception of the spam forum within the "General" forum.

7. Advertisement of products, services, religion and political messages that are not related to the community/servers and/or against the server are not tolerated.

8. If your thread gets locked there is a reason for doing so. Don't open a new thread in this case. If you feel the thread should not have been locked, try kindly messaging an admin. (Admins' names are red)

9. Abuse of account data, email data and so on is also forbidden.

10. Abuse of the regulars, members or admin or any other, identification, pretending you are someone else is prohibited.

11. It's forbidden to abuse bugs or holes in the forum. If you find a bug you must report it immediately. Abuse of bugs can result in a permanent ban.

2.) Account:

1. Any user on this forum is allowed to have exactly one account on the forum.
People who see it as necessary to create more than one account will get banned.

2. The creation of accounts, which are similar to other user's account names or have the aim to fake those users will get banned instantly.

3. Stealing the identity of other people is strictly prohibited and will result in a permanent ban.

4. The chosen nickname should not contain any offensive words. (this includes racism, bad language,... )

3.) Private Messages:

1. Spam messages to a large amount of users is forbidden. In case of advertising it can result in a permanent ban.

2. The Private Message function shouldn't be used for flaming wars.

3. Begging via PM for unbans, member or admin status is not allowed and will be simply ignored.

4.) Signatures and Avatars:

Note: Signatures do not show up in posts unless you activate them when first making the thread.

1. It's not allowed to use more than 1 Signature. Exception: if all signatures together aren't larger than one normal signature.

2. The size of a signature shouldn't go far over 150x150 pixels. We are tolerant up to a certain point but don't overdo it. We will feel free to ask you at any time to change the size of your signature.

3. Signatures and avatars with pornographic, racist or offending content are completely forbidden.
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